What is the ICICI Bank dividend| 2023 Dividend History,ICICI Bank Dividend 2022,Record Date,2016 Payment Date & Payout Ratio

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ICICI Bank is the second private lender in our country which has fixed its record date within the dividend payment. ICICI Bank has informed the exchange about its record date for payment like dividend. Its date and payment date has been fixed by ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank has announced its 400 percent dividend on equity whose face value is ₹ 2 in April. A dividend is calculated according to its face value which is its share price and has nothing to do with the market price.

According to the way ICICI Bank has announced a dividend of ₹ 8 on every share, which is 400 percent, it means that the company will provide a dividend of ₹ 8 to the shareholders on every equity share.

ICICI Bank Dividend Means ?

ICICI Bank is one of the private banks which is known as the second best bank in India after SBI Bank. This company has given a track record of paying a continuous dividend to its shareholders. In the financial year 2022-23, this bank gave a final dividend which was equity share at ₹ 8, which means that the bank gives 400 percent profit to its shareholders.

Will give as dividend. The final dividend record date of this company is finalized on 9 August 2023 and its dividend payment is finalized on 29 September 2023.ICICI Bank DVD & Yield Dividend on Stock Market.

The dividend summary of this bank is as follows

  • Final dividend for FY22-23: Rs. 8 per equity share
  • Record date: August 9, 2023
  • Dividend payment date: September 29, 2023
  • Dividend yield: 1.42%

ICICI Bank Dividend 2022

ICICI Bank declared its dividend at ₹8 per share for the financial year 2022-23. This is the biggest dividend payment so far and considering the records of the last 5 years. The dividend of this company went out to the shareholders on August 5, 2022. It went out to those who held their ownership till July 29, 2022. Have given.

ICICI Bank’s dividend is an important income source for ICICI Bank and its shareholders. This dividend payment provides shareholders with returns on their investments and also helps offset their investment risks. ICICI Bank is a major contributor to India’s economy. This dividend payment boosts customer spending and investment and also encourages foreign investors to invest in India.

This bank has a strong financial performance. In the financial year 2022-23, this company has made a net profit of Rs 18578 crore, with this it has grown by 16 percent as compared to previous years.

Below we are telling you some points about the dividend payment of ICI Bank.

  • Dividend per share: Rs 8
  • Dividend yield: 0.81%
  • Payout ratio: 40%
  • Record date: July 29, 2022
  • Payment date: August 5, 2022

ICICI Bank Dividend 2023 Record Date

ICICI Bank Dividend 2023 Record Date As the record date of ICICI Bank Dividend is 4th August 2023, it clearly means that its shareholders own its shares till 4th August 2023 and receive its dividend.

ICICI Bank Dividend Payment Date 2022

ICICI Bank’s dividend payment date for 2022 was 5th August 2022. Bank shareholders were receiving its shares along with dividend at Rs. till the record date of its shares i.e. 29th July 2022.

Dividend payment date means the date when the company pays its dividend to its shareholders. Record date is when the company has registered its shareholders for dividend payment.

ICICI Bank has a good track record, it pays dividends to its shareholders in a good manner, along with this, in the financial year 2021-22, this company paid a share dividend of Rs. The yield is 0.71 percent which it has given to its customers.

ICICI Bank Dividend Policy: The distributor gives 40% or more of the profit to its shareholders. The board of directors of this company decides this amount every year, which improves their profits so that their shareholders also get good profits and the company in the future. May the growth continue to increase in this manner.

ICICI Bank Dividend is approved by the shareholders as a subject matter in the company’s Annual General Meeting. Let us tell you that once this dividend is approved by the shareholders, then the company goes ahead and declares it.

ICICI Bank Dividend 2016 Payment Date

The payment date of ICICI Bank Dividend 2016 was 5 August 2016. This was the same date when the company announced its dividend record date and dividend payment to its shareholders.

The record date of this company for dividend 2016 was 14 July 2016. This company received the end title of dividend payment for its shareholders on 14 July 2016 and completed it on 5 August 2016. In 2016, the dividend amount of this company was ₹ 5 per share, which means that every shareholder who is holding a share of this company knows the dividend payment at ₹ 5 per share.

ICICI Bank Dividend Ex Date 2023

The ex-dividend date of ICICI Bank was 4 August 2023. This dividend of ICICI Bank was given on 4th August and after this it was received by its shareholders on 5th August 2023.

A date means that the company has no chance of receiving the next dividend payment for its stock because the trade settles within two business days and its shareholders do not have enough time to receive the next dividend payment can also receive.

ICICI Bank Dividend and Bonus History

ICICI Bank has a good track record for SK dividend and bonus issues. Since 1994, this company has started paying its dividends every year continuously and it has been paying dividends to its shareholders one after the other every year and with this, it has made its dividend record very high in the last 10 years. Has increased.

The following table shows the ICICI Bank dividend and bonus history for the past five years:

YearDividend (₹/share)Bonus Ratio

ICICI Bank Dividend History

The dividend history of this company is divided into two phases.

  • 1994-2008: ICICI Bank has grown rapidly in this phase, along with this we have also increased the dividend payment. This company has expanded its business in a better way in finance by reinvesting its profits.
  • 2009-present: During this phase, ICICI Bank has gradually ensured its growth and at the same time has given maximum profit to its shareholders by suddenly increasing its dividend payment.

Here is a table of the ICICI Bank dividend history for the past 10 years:

YearDividend (₹/share)

ICICI Bank Dividend Payout Ratio

Dividend payout ratio means that when a company makes its net profit and then provides dividend to its shareholders, it is called payout ratio. Dividend payout ratio of this company is the total amount of dividend paid out from the company’s net profit.

ICICI Bank has a very good history. The dividend pay out ratio of the company in Financial Air 2022-23 was 13.93 percent, with this the company has given dividend to its shareholders from 13.93 percent net profit.

The following table shows the ICICI Bank dividend payout ratio for the past five years:

YearDividend payout ratio (%)


Q1: What is ICICI Bank’s dividend payout ratio?

A: Increased.

Q2: Is ICICI Bank’s dividend history good?

A: Yes,ICICI Bank’s dividend history good.

Q3: Is ICICI Bank a good investment for dividend income?

A: Yes,ICICI Bank a good investment for dividend income.

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